Spring/summer schedule

The advent of spring means it is show time soon – see the “Show” section for details. The upcoming diary of events are as follows:

Thu 4 Apr 2024: Talk – Andrew Brogan: “Henstead Exotic Gardens Update”. Baptist Church 8pm. Andrew will be bringing plants for sale.

Thu 9 May 2024: Talk – John Amand: “Preparing for Chelsea”. Baptist Church 8pm. John will be bringing plants for sale.

Mon 15 April 2024: Outing – Chenies Manor House and Gardens. 9.15am from Morrisons.

Thu 16 May 2024: Talk – Colin Spires: “A guide to showing”. Baptist Church 8pm.

Thu 30 May 2024: Outing – RHS Hyde Hall, Essex. 9am from Morrisons.

Wed 24 July 2024: Outing – Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire. 9am from Morrisons.

The Royal Heritage Tour & The Savill Garden

The Savill Gardens outing on Monday 17 July 2023 was a superb day out as we had our own Crown Estate guide and had the special privilege of touring the estate on the bus.

HEHS members at Savill Gardens




To promote and encourage the cultivation of flowers, fruit and vegetables and the interest of members towards that end